Our Story

We have an extremely talented team whose sole goal is to empower millions with digital payments.

ZatpatPay, is a FinTech Startup based in Pune, Maharashtra. We started in Dec 2016 when many local banks, merchants and people conveyed their difficulties to the founders they were facing in money transfer.

The local banks mainly co-operatives, credit unions lacked the technology they needed to facilitate the digital money transfer. Even some of the national banks are ill equipped to cater the demanding customer base.

Hence born the "ZatpatPay", to solve the digital payment problem every common ctizen faced.

The region where we operate is India's one of the most leading Industrial and Agricultural region.

State of Maharashtra, is India's top performing state with $400 Billion economy and 11+% growth rate. Maharashtra population is around 110 Million people of which 30-40 million people reside within Mumbai-Pune-Nasik Triangle.

The neighbouring states such as Gujarat, Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Goa contribute substantially to the national economy and forms major region for ZatpatPay's customer base.